EuroFuelTech Biodiesel Equipment Achieves over 98.5% conversion of oil to Biodiesel in a single step one hour process

EuroFuelTech is an innovative and dynamic company that has developed extremely efficient and cost effective equipment for manufacturing Biodiesel. The company is based in the UK and Germany. 

Until the arrival of EuroFuelTech, products available for the production of biodiesel were either of very poor quality and durability or they were too complex and expensive to bring on stream. 

EuroFuelTech produces biodiesel equipment that by virtue of its modularity can be used to satisfy demand from the entry level (farmers, small businesses making up to 1,000MT per year) right up and through to the medium sector and large scale producers ranging from 5-60 million gallons per year (20 - 240 million litres per year).  Plants larger than this require extensive transport of feedstock and produce which is unnecessary for biodiesel production.

Research and development undertaken by the company has resulted in the production of a highly efficient and advanced processor cell for the production of Biodiesel.

The design of the reaction vessel is such that the reaction takes place under increased temperature and at pressure.   Both temperature and pressure speeds up the transesterification process. This, together with our unique vortex mixer means that typical conversion rates greater than 98.5% are experienced in a one step reaction.

These Biodiesel processor cells form the building blocks of the EuroFuelTech Common Rail  refinery range. The CR3200, for example, consists of 8 such cells working in parallel with common controls and feed mechanisms housed within a stainless steel casing.

A CR3200 during installation in the United States

Some of the benefits of this highly modular biodiesel equipment approach include:

  • Faster implementation – project build time measured in months, not years
  • Efficiency - much larger surface area and better mixing of reactants than using larger units
  • Flexibility – run continuously at full capacity or adjust to retain efficiency if demand is low
  • Robustness - mean time to failure is increased and problems with one module does not interfere with production of the rest of the plant
  • Cost – this is the most cost effective method to achieve high outputs
  • Smaller footprint – requires much smaller sites than would otherwise be required
  • Low environmental impact – no waste water

Commercial and Industrial Biodiesel Equipment from EuroFuelTech

EuroFuelTech is the home of quality biodiesel equipment. We provide a range of biodiesel equipment that produces biodiesel of the highest quality. Our biodiesel production machines are available for worldwide delivery and installation.

Our main production facility for our high quality biodiesel equipment is in Germany, for export all over the world.

Biodiesel Processors

The EuroFuelTech range of biodiesel processors start at a capacity of 400 litres per batch and rise right up to a capacity of 3200 litres per batch.  Each batch is timed to complete in one hour.

Our CR2400 Demonstration Unit in Bedfordshire

Our range of biodiesel processors meets the needs of small business up to plants producing many millions litres of biofuel per year.

Process Automation

At EuroFuelTech our focus is on flexibility and the need to concentrate on the individual needs of each customer.  We have experience in designing systems through from fully manual to fully automated.  Different levels of automation suit different geographies, economies, and business plans.  We will design the level of automation appropriate to your particular needs.

The EuroFuelTech Biodiesel feedstock drying units are made from stainless steel.  They are used to remove water from biodiesel feedstock. Water is the enemy of biofuel and these units remove it extremely effectively. They are also available with filtration units to make sure that no particles of significant size get into your biofuel. They can filter down to 1 micron - which means better quality biodiesel. Several units are available, and prices of course vary depending on the size. 

Biodiesel Centrifuges

The EuroFuelTech range of biofuel centrifuges is very comprehensive. Superbly crafted and with minimal maintenance these units are simple to operate.   They are most commonly used for two tasks:

  • Pre-treatment of feedstock to separate solids and water from feedstock.
  • Glycerine separation. Make ASTM/EN14214 specifications on free glycerine right out of the centrifuge, prior to wet or dry washing.

Methanol Recovery

Methanol recovery units can be supplied for all of the EuroFuelTech biodiesel processors.  These stainless steel units will recover the excess methanol immediately from the biodiesel and glycerine.

Biodiesel Washing Equipment

Biodiesel needs to be "washed" before it can be safely used in most engines. This washing removes impurities from the biodiesel such as excess caustic soda, methanol etc.   EuroFuelTech does not recommend water for washing biodiesel. 

Instead of wet washing biodiesel we recommend using PuraBio to "dry wash" your bio diesel using a simple flow through process with our Biodiesel washing equipment. PuraBio is an ion exchange resin and it has a proven track record of removing impurities from biodiesel and making it much easier to manufacture ASTM / EN standard bio diesel. With our range of biodiesel purification units we can offer a solution to the washing needs of every size biodiesel plant that you care to imagine. 

Full Biodiesel Equipment Production Lines

EuroFuelTech production lines are exactly what the name implies. A complete biodiesel plant is designed in Germany, then the equipment is delivered to your site and commissioned by skilled craftsmen. EuroFuelTech has in-house experts for all aspects of biodiesel production, and these experts are available to make your biodiesel project a success. We have our factory team of chemists, engineers, welders and computer programmers. These teams are committed to make your biodiesel plant a success.